fox red English lab puppies

All of Kona’s pups have gone to their homes, yay! You can see a sweet little Go Home video HERE – it’ll be worth the 38 seconds. 🙂

We hope to have a Kona/Fransisco litter going home toward the end of the year.

Elsa has welcomed our first ever litter of Fox Red English Labradors and we couldn’t be happier! They are stunning!

5 males and 2 females were born, all with lovely fox red coats
They will be ready to head home end of May!

Elsa: 65 ish pounds, HPNK/PRA clear, EIC carrier
OFA – hips, “Excellent” and elbows, “Normal”, the absolute most loving dog, in love with everyone she meets, always looks as if she needs just “one more cuddle”

Gatsby: (outside stud) 75 ish pounds, Genetic screen normal (cleared for breeding), preliminary hips and elbows “good” and “normal” respectively (no signs of dysplasia)

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  • English Red Lab Available
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  • Red Lab Puppy Available
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Watch Elsa’s Pups’ Virtual Visit HERE

Polar White English Lab

Aspen and Hank have welcomed a litter of creamy white labrador puppies, all females, and they will be ready to head home 6/1. There are 2 spots available.

Aspen – 60 lbs, Junior Champion of Russia, clear genetic panel, Hips/Elbows rated A/0 (best possible), the sweetest and most trusting face you’ll ever see, loves watching the kids play

Hank – 70-75 lbs, Excellent foreign pedigree with many titles, clear genetic panel, Hips and Elbows “Good” and “Normal” (no signs of dysplasia) respectively, vacillates between super smart and athletic and the silliest dog you’ve ever met, the quintessential labrador

  • White English Lab Puppy
  • English Lab Pup Available
  • Polar White English Lab
Polar White Labrador Puppy

Watch Aspen’s Pups’ Virtual Visit HERE.

Nala and Hank have welcomed a litter of light yellow pups that will be ready to head home mid-July. Email me for info!

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We expect to be sending home all colors in the first half of 2024. Send us an email for info!

We are very proud of our pairings and feel strongly that these litters will produce exemplary English labs puppies. We have relocated to Tennessee, but families from Colorado are already reserving pups to be brought back to them. Transportation is not a problem, just let us know in your inquiry where you are!

Available English Lab Puppies

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  • Where you are located
  • Your experience with Labradors, if any
  • Litters/sexes/colors of interest


Here you can see two of our past labrador puppies getting in some of their early Kindred Pup Puppy School! You can also learn a little bit about our favorite enrichment: Manding.

Our Deposit/Reservation Process

A deposit is required to reserve your spot for one of our New and Upcoming Puppy Spots. English Labrador Puppies from reputable breeders are in high demand, and as such, are often reserved before the litter is whelped, or shortly there after.

Kindred Pup reserves the right to keep one puppy from each litter for our own program, but does not always do so. In addition to the possibility of our keeping a puppy, there are also other instances where a puppy may be chosen out of order on our waitlist. There are a variety of reasons for this. When a litter is born, you can reference the waitlist to see where you fall, but try to remember that we do our very best to fulfill our waitlist within the estimated time you were given, but cannot guarantee outside circumstances.

We have seen through the years that genders and colors are unpredictable. For this reason, we place people on a list after their deposit is received and available puppies of all genders and colors are offered to them. They can then choose a puppy from the available pups or they can choose to wait for an upcoming litter. This way, if a person/family really bonds with a puppy other than the gender/color they had originally chosen, they don’t feel boxed in.

Deposits are non-refundable, except in the case that a healthy puppy is not made available to you within one year of your placing a deposit.

*Again, breeder picks are always a possibility, and people on the waitlist may choose to pass.*

Thank you for your interest in one of our Available English Lab Puppies! Email me here with any questions you may have.

If you do not receive a response from me within 48 hours, please reach out again. 

Our Vaccination/Deworming Protocol:

Our program has had the immense benefit of Dr. Ben Hatler in developing our vaccination and deworming protocols. We have searched high and low for the best of the best in your pup’s care, and with his years and years of expertise we believe we’ve found the best program for your pup. Puppies are also in our home with us daily, loved and cared for in the warmth you will give them once they are home. Through Puppy Culture and various other puppy/breeding educational systems, we have achieved great success sending home healthy, well-loved and confident puppies! 

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Available English Lab Puppies can be transported to any major airport in the continental United States. We are located outside of Cookeville, TN and include anywhere in a 3 hours radius as part of our “local” area. We also take trips back to Colorado nearly every litter. Be sure to let me know where you are located!

You can download our Pdf explaining our Deposit/Reservation for our Available English Lab Puppies info below