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Our family is lovingly breeding Exemplary English Labradors

What do we mean by Kindred Pup EXEMPLARY ENGLISH LABRADORS?

We mean: healthy, happy, beautiful, confident and well-tempered English Labrador puppies who are ready for whatever their future life may hold. We are proud that our program has produced Service Animals, Work Buddies, Couch Potatoes, Hikers, Campers, Boating Captains, Company Logos and an actor in training.

We are so proud of our dogs, our pups and so very thankful for our Kindred Pup family. It is the passion of our lives and we are thankful to be lovingly raising the best Labrador puppies a family could wish for.

Black Labrador Puppies
Nothing like the bond with a puppy

We have Miss Red available from Fiona and Hank’s litter and a couple of blacks available from Lucy and Fransisco’s litter.
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Breeding Exemplary English Labradors
Available Labrador Puppy
Beautiful yellow labrador female

Watch Miss Red (available) below

Video taken 12/5

We post almost daily to Instagram with tons of English Lab puppy cuteness! You can check out these daily-goings-on, and see available puppies, below and be sure to follow us on IG!

You can link to our Upcoming Puppy Page to see more about our spring and summer available English Labrador retriever Puppies.

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Why trust Kindred Pup with your new Labrador Puppy, that will be a member of the family for years to come? Head on over to this page to read a little more.

Below are past puppies:

Available Yellow English Lab Puppy
Mr Blue looking handsome
Yellow English Labrador Puppy
Chocolate English Labradors
Kindred Pup’s Exemplary English Lab Puppies
Black English Labrador Puppy Tennessee
Kindred Pup – English Labrador Puppy Charm

Want to learn more about us? Read on!

Our goal at Kindred Pup is to improve the Labrador retriever breed *and* improve the lives of our families by giving them their new best friend. The joy on our Kindred Pup families faces is why we do what we do and it is the joy of our lives. We also hope to educate our families and anyone researching the English Labrador! We do this by continuing breed education, providing information on everything from feeding and potty training to explaining the differences between English and American labs. If you want to follow along with Kindred Pup, our puppies, and learn more about America’s Favorite Dog, Subscribe here.

If you’d like more information about our upcoming litters and our Deposit Process, Click here.

Looking for our blog with the most current updates? Find “Life with a Lab” here.

Exemplary English Labradors

Below you will see past Kindred Pup Labrador Puppies. We are so proud of our fur babies!

  • Well Loved Labrador Puppies
  • Chocolate English Labrador Puppy
  • Perfect Labrador Puppy
  • Labrador Learning
  • Labrador Puppy School
  • Fishing Buddy
  • Great Labrador Breeder
  • Labrador retriever Puppy
  • Puppy Ribbon
  • Beautiful Puppy
  • Beautiful English Lab
  • Gorgeous Pups
  • Newborn Puppy Yawns
  • Hiking buddies
  • Chunky Puppies
  • Puppy on shoulder
  • Perfect Black Labrador Puppy
  • Happy Puppy Going Home
  • Black Lab Puppy
  • Black English Labrador
  • Black English Lab Puppy
  • Playful Puppy
  • Polar White English Lab Puppy
  • English Lab Pup Sleeping
  • Labrador Christmas Puppy
  • Perfect Blocky Puppy
  • Pure Bred Labrador
  • Yellow English Lab Puppy
  • Yellow Winter Lab
  • New Puppy Comes Home
  • Yellow Lab Pup sleeping
  • Puppy Lounging
  • Sleepy Lab Pups
  • Labrador Puppies
  • Curious Lab Pups
  • Gorgeous English Lab Puppy
  • Puppy Licking Boy
  • Wet Puppy
  • Polar White English labrador
  • Puppy in Leaves
  • Perfect Labrador
  • Yellow English Lab Puppy
  • Yellow Lab Christmas Pup
  • Happy Yellow Labrador Puppy
  • English Labrador Puppy
  • English Labrador retriever 8 months
  • Lab Puppy Sleeping after a bath
  • English Kindred Pup 7 months
  • Yellow Labrador water dog
  • Newborn Lab Puppies
  • English Labrador Newborns
  • Chocolate Labrador Pup
  • Beautiful lab pups
  • Black English Lab
  • Chocolate English Labrador
  • Polar White Puppies
  • Chocolate lab pup
  • Chocolate Lab Pup
  • Polar White Lab Puppy
  • Polar white Male
  • White Labrador Puppy Yawn
  • Lab Puppy
  • Blocky Head Lab
  • Yellow Labrador Puppy
  • 3 weeks old labrador puppy
  • Chocolate Lab Puppy
  • English Chocolate Lab
  • Chocolate Labrador Puppies
  • Yellow Lab and His Boy
  • Blocky Chocolate Labrador Puppy
  • Yellow English Labrador
  • Puppy Love
  • Perfect Chocolate Labrador Puppy
  • Exemplary English Labradors Tennessee
  • Tennessee English Labrador Black
  • English Lab Puppy Dog Eyes
  • Tennessee Labrador
  • Puppy Kisses
  • Exemplary English Labrador Puppies
  • Tennessee and Georgia Labradors
  • Hiker Puppy
  • Yellow Puppy
  • English Labrador Puppy
  • Well Trained Puppy
  • Chocolate blocky labrador
  • Yellow English labrador
  • Yellow English Lab
  • Black blocky labrador
  • Chocolate Labrador Puppy
  • Polar White English lab
  • Lovely English Lab puppies
  • Chocolate Lab Puppies
  • Chocolate and Polar White Puppies
  • Happy Yellow Labrador
  • Yellow Labrador Puppy
  • Puppy Kisses
  • Perfect Yellow Labrador
  • Chocolate Labrador Puppies
  • Sleeping Yellow Lab Puppy
  • Perfect Labrador Puppy
  • Puppy Dog Eyes
  • Yellow English Labrador
  • Labrador Puppy Yawn
  • Hank the Tank - our Yellow Stud
  • Perfect Yellow Labrador
  • Chocolate Lab Puppy
  • Boating Buddy
  • Puppy on a trampoline
  • Puppy Napping
  • Lovely Yellow Lab
  • Puppy Love
  • English Lab Pup
  • Puppy at her new home
  • Black Labrador Puppy
  • Black English Puppy
  • Black English Puppies
  • Yellow English Lab
  • Happy Puppy

Want to know more about Kindred Pup?

We are a loving and experienced family, raising and breeding Exemplary English Labradors.

We are proudly located in Central Tennessee and are proud to offer caring, hand-delivery of a Kindred Pup puppy any major airport in the United States. If you are interested in our puppies, fill out the form below Or check our “Upcoming Litters” Page for more info. 


If you’re looking for a competent, loving, understanding, ethical breeder who knows Labradors then by all means go with Kindred Pup… you won’t be disappointed!”

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Knowledgable Breeder – Great lineage and verified Pedigrees from the parents – Healthy, beautiful pups -Well socialized – Loved as our pets, from birth.

All the “great breeder” boxes have been checked, but do you have questions? We’d love to answer! Email us at: info@kindredpup.com

*Our world-class Labrador Pups are born and raised in our home. Out of state families can still inquire, as we can deliver available puppies to your local airport at an additional charge. Of course, you can also come pick up your new puppy from us directly.*