Feeding Puppies

So… your new Labrador pup has gone home and you’re in the throws of all the ups of puppy-hood (and probably a few downs, let’s be honest). This post is all about Feeding Puppies!

Feeding Puppies
Beautiful brown Labrador eating food from its plate in the living room

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One of the main topics surrounding a new puppy going home is feeding puppies – what type of food? how often? how long before bed? We’ve got all your puppy feeding info here! (Keep in mind, we specialize in Labrador retrievers! Small breed puppy nutritional vary from large breed puppies.)

Families think a lot about food for pups, especially at the beginning! But things change rapidly in your puppy’s dietary and nutritional needs. It’s easy to forget to check the side of the bag for quantities and frequencies, and they don’t (as you might think) continue to increase through the months. Check your food’s specific directions!

A Kindred Pup Labrador puppy, settling into their forever home

The AKC has lots of great info, as always! I especially loved their wording here:

“There’s a saying in canine feeding: Watch the dog, not the dish. Body condition, not the amount eaten or left in the bowl, should determine portion sizes. Portion sizes depend on individual metabolism and body type, and nutritional requirements vary from dog to dog. If your puppy occasionally skips a meal or picks at food, don’t worry. It could mean she is ready to eliminate a feeding or that you have given her too much, in which case simply reduce the quantity served. Feeding puppies correctly is well worth the effort!

Also, if you are doing treat-based training with your pup, adjust the amount you feed at mealtime accordingly. Whenever training with treats, keep the treat as small as possible.”

You can read more from the AKC here.

I’ve made this handy Feeding Puppies chart for your reference for your new Labrador Puppy!

Kindred Pup’s Puppy Feeding Map for your reference

I hope you find this info helpful! We sure love our Kindred Pup families, and we are so grateful that you all love our little Labrador Puppies with all your hearts!

Until next time.

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