Yellow English Lab Pup
English Lab Puppies
Beautiful English Lab puppy from our Molly
AKC Lab Girl
Yellow Labrador Female

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Our newest litter of beautiful English Lab Puppies from our dear Molly is almost ready to head home, and they have been such a treat!

We have just loved having her pups here, as always. We are thankful to have found great homes for them, also. It is the highest priority for any good breeder: to find excellent homes for our puppies! We are thankful for the support you’ve all shown, and look forward to meeting more of you as English Labrador Puppies become available!

Mr Blue

Beautiful English Labrador Puppy
English Labrador Puppies

Isn’t Mr Blue sweet?! He’s just such a love bug. In traditional labrador fashion, he loves to roam and explore and then settle in for some cuddle time. We can’t wait to see how this fellow grows up!

Mr Tan

Puppy Dog Eyes

Mr Tan has been such a fun puppy, too. Calm, secure, eager to please, quick to learn – this guy is such a perfect pup.

Mr Green

Polar White English Lab Puppy
Puppy Cuddle Time!

This little guy is such a hoot! He quickly masters his challenges, confidently explores his territory and is something of a mediator. He loves to jump into the action and somehow brings a calm to his surroundings – including my toddler.

We LOVED this litter of puppies and are so happy for their forever homes!

Now…. it’s time for a quick nap for us here – I think we have puppies being born *very soon! Wink, wink.

Puppies may be available this December! Write me soon for info!

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Puppies are always yawning!

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