A little more room to roam and romp!

We expanded the puppies’ area this last week and and they are loving the extra space! They’ve also enjoyed some new toys, and their first naps in their crates.

The goal of our program is to make time in the crate low anxiety so that it isn’t any harder for your puppy to transition into the crate without litter-mates once they are home! You’ll see the doors are open. We leave them open until all pups have found themselves happily playing and napping inside the crate and then begin short windows (followed by longer ones) of the door closed behind them.

Lab Puppies get a bigger home!
Love the first voluntary naps in the crate!

They have also begun to successfully use the pellet bedding we put down for them to potty. While a fully house trained 8 week old pup is not possible, we hope to give them a huge head start by:

  • introducing them to the idea of a “potty spot”, including outdoors
  • keeping their bed area as clean as possible so that they aren’t “trained” to sleep in their waste
You can see the Pellet Tray inside their whelping box

An email went out today with our puppy food recommendation and our Puppy Contract. Please contact me ASAP if you didn’t receive that!

New Toy Exploration

Also, Amy over at Red Fern Fashions has begun work on your collars! (I’m still waiting on one or two picks though, so send those over!) You’ll be thrilled with the quality once you see it on that beautiful blonde fur.

Back to puppy cuddles! Until next time…

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