A Kid and their Puppy
A kid and their dog – one of life’s never-changing bonds

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I realize I’m biased here, but I truly believe summer days are better with a puppy. There is nothing like the bond between a family and a dog, even if it’s a family of just one person.

The days have been warm and the air has some moisture in it – a new thing for us Colorado natives. I can’t express how happy we’ve been here in Tennessee, and Colorado already feels like a lifetime ago. We are SO enjoying the wide-open spaces, the quiet air, the Southern Hospitality, and all the “newness” that comes with a move. But, in all that, we are SO HAPPY for our dogs and puppies.

Black Labrador Puppy enjoying his Free Romp

At Kindred Pup, we spend time with our puppies and dogs outdoors regularly, playing and teaching them the ways of the world. While the puppies can’t tell the difference between our open space and a normal backyard, they LOVE having so much room to run around.

Happy Labrador Playing

It’s such a crack up to see how much they love the outdoors! They paw around, tumble over each other, roll in the grass, and follow the kids around loyally.

Lab Pups play “Catch me if you can”!
Simply perfect

Introducing them to different people and environments is tricky and requires expertise – puppies have weak immune systems and a bacteria or virus can cause major problems at this stage. We treat our yard vigorously and we are careful to not expose our mamas or pups to any unknown friends.

Loyal Little Puppy

It’s so heartwarming to see our pups learn to love people so well. Even with the wide open space and so much room to romp, puppies are still happiest at our feet. THAT is the difference between bringing home your new puppy – a family member – from a GREAT breeder. Puppies who are ethically and affectionately bred transition to their homes better and live longer, healthier lives than pups who aren’t.

Confident, happy labrador puppy

What you want to look for in a pup:

  • Confidence
  • An affection for people
  • Healthy coats
  • A willingness to try new things

What you want to look for in a breeder:

  • Knowledge
  • Full time, hands on attention
  • At least 5 years experience
  • A philosophy you love
  • Photos of older pups
A little puppy love does the soul good

Hopefully this post brought you a little joy. If you are looking to bring a little happiness into this summer and many summers to follow, now is the time to consider a puppy. Your life will never be the same.

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