Black English Labrador Puppies
Piper’s beautiful English Lab Males

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These gorgeous pups are only with us a little while longer and we have so enjoyed having this litter of Black English Labrador Puppies! (There are some yellow siblings, too, but this post is to highlight those amazing black labradors.)

As you most likely know, Pure Bred Labradors come in three colors: Yellow labradors, black labradors, and chocolate labradors. Any other color you see is either an intensity of one of those three (including Polar White labradors and Fox Red labradors which are just Yellow labradors of differing shades and intensities) OR they are “dilutes” (such as silver labradors). I don’t intend to get into all that here, but I always think it’s worth reviewing a little bit now and again for folks looking to understand all the different terms that are used when it comes to labrador puppies.

But, these Little Labs are such wonderful examples of what a black labrador puppy should be.

Miss Pink (Available!)
Miss Purple – Reserved

These beauties look like mini Pipers in action, and I love love love their sweet little faces and Paw Hugs. Here’s a photo of Piper for reference – she is an exemplary English Labrador.

Beautiful Piper

Here are Piper’s beautiful males

Mr Gold – Perfect black labrador male puppy

This is Mr Light Blue – we call him “Bear Cub”
Mr Orange – another gorgeous puppy

We expect Piper and Hank’s females to reach 60-70 pounds (estimated) and their males to reach 70-80 pounds (again, estimated). These beautiful pups are ready to head to their homes June 28th. We can meet in person in Nashville, Knoxville or Chattanooga TN OR we can hand-deliver puppies to any major airport in the US. If you are interested in one of these amazing labrador puppies, fill out the contact form below for more info!

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