Chocolate English Labradors

Piper’s Perfect Labrador Puppies – these English style pups are just so swoon-worthy! I have a few more pics to share, but wanted to send these out to you all quickly, since I know you’re dying to see your babies! We will start picking in roughly a week. Their personalities are starting to bloom, but not enough where I feel confident giving an assessment. Enjoy!

Chocolate English Male Pups – 5 weeks
Perfect Profile

English Labrador Puppy – perfect build

Piper’s Beautiful Black Boys
The perfect blocky head and sweet, short face

Piper’s Beautiful Boys
The sweetest chocolate girls ever
The left girl is slightly smaller and a darker brown

This pic right above is the most accurate for their colors. The brown is so rich and lovely, and the boys are so shiny. They truly are gorgeous pups!

Yes, they’re Holding Hands

There will be more pics coming but I wanted to get these out since they are just too precious!

Piper’s litter is spoken for. We will have more chocolate puppies available to go home in February, and blacks hopefully in the spring. Subscribe below to follow along!

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