Yellow English Lab Pup
Perfect English Lab Puppies – 7 weeks old

Jules’ Handsome Males are 7 weeks old, and there are still pups available. This shocks me because they are such Calendar Perfect Puppies! Get ready to swoon! (You saw my previous post about their littermates, the females, right?!) This will be our last available Kindred Pup puppies this year!

Mr Dark Blue, smallest of the litter, stands guard

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Mr Green -Available

Playful, medium/large build, moderately active, learns easily

Mr Black – Reserved

Leader, Independant, Intelligent, Loyal

Can you tell who got their pictures taken last? Ha! Mr Black was tuckered out.

Mr Dark Blue – RESERVED

Sweet, Affectionate, Protective, Up for anything

Perfect Yellow Labrador

Mr Light Blue – Reserved

Intelligent, Calm and easy going, Takes challenges in stride

Gorgeous English Lab

Mr Orange – RESERVED

My eldest son’s favorite of the litter, Smart, playful, affectionate

Gorgeous English Head


Strong, Peace-maker, always happy, curious

Perfect Labrador Puppy

These sweet pups are ready to go home beginning December 4th. Write me soon if you are interested!

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