Perfect English Lab
Puppies are the best couch buddies

I am super surprised these guys are still available. The epitomize everything we want in Labradors: they are thick, blocky, gorgeously soft coats, friendly, playful, and the perfect balance of energetic and calm. Content to fall asleep on your chest or chase you around the yard, these guys have been SO MUCH FUN. If you are looking for your new best friend – may I propose one of these options?

Updated pics from 8 weeks old:

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Mr Silver

Perfect Yellow ENGLISH LABRADOR Puppy

This amazing boy is playful and sweet and as soft as you want a cashmere sweater to be. His Puppy Dog Eyes are not for the faint of heart, I’m afraid… it will be some work telling this sweet guy “no”. When his ears are perked up and his fur all fluffed he looks like a little puppy-lion!

Mr Green

Intelligent and Affectionate – the perfect Labrador

This study boy is thick with extra skin for days. He loves to romp and chase a rope (tug-o-war is already “his” game) but settle down for a nap on the couch or to read a book? He’s down to join you. Soft fur, playful and smart to boot? Pretty perfect.

These amazing boys are ready to go home now. Some very lucky families are going to have an extra special Christmas! Write me at:

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