Belle's Chocolate Labrador Puppies

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Belle’s Chocolate Labrador Puppies are 4 weeks old, and I believe we will have two available after our Reservation List takes their picks! We are hoping to begin personality assessments in the next 10 days or so, and be letting our families make their selections around week 6. These gorgeous English Labrador Puppies will be ready to head home mid-April.

A little info about these beautiful, pure bred labrador puppies:

  • Belle is mama to this litter. She comes from excellent lines both for looks and for health and we are thrilled to have her. In build, in temperament, in health – she’s stellar. Her puppies have all done very well, and we’ve actually kept back a couple to see if they will be good fits for our program. (Stay tuned on that!)
  • We expect this litter to reach 70 pounds for the females and 80 pounds + for the males. Diet and lifestyle play a role, but that is our estimate.
  • They were whelped (born) on Valentine’s Day (sweet, right?!) making their 8 week “go-home” date hitting mid-April.
  • English Labrador puppies continue to “thicken” and “fill out” for 18-22 months. Until then, pups go through a series of growth spurts which don’t always reflect their true build. (Think of a teen who grows “up” – height – and then grows “out” – in weight.)

Now, onto what you want to see: the photos

The Females

Belle had 3 females and we believe it’s possible that 2 will be available, although our waitlist has not made their selections yet, so I can’t be certain. These girls are gorgeous!

The Males

  • Chocolate Labrador Puppies for sale Tennessee
  • Available Chocolate Labrador Puppies
  • Chocolate Labrador Puppy for sale
  • Labrador Puppy for sale Tennessee

We also have a litter of black puppies heading home early May and a couple of older pups still available. You can head on over to THIS page to see more info on them, and fill out an inquiry form if you’d like more information on any of our available pups.

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