English Labrador Puppies Available
White English Labrador Puppies

Hey there, Kindred Pup Family!

We’ve got some paw-some news to share! (I know, I know…. I just had to.) Mark your calendars because we’re heading back to Colorado the weekend of June 1st. And guess what? We’ve got English Labrador puppies available that are ready to find their forever homes that very weekend!

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🐾 Here are the pups available for that trip 🐾

Started Black Lab Female from Kona
We have one special black lab female from Kona who’s already started her training. She’s smart, eager to learn, and ready to join a new family that’s looking for a dog with a bit of experience under her collar.

– Rain is an international champion, fully health tested & produces beautiful pups
– Kona is a GORGEOUS, very broad/thick female, as loving and gentle as can be, healthy through parentage and is a sucker for ear rubs

Polar White/Cream Puppies from Aspen
These little bundles of joy are as sweet as they come! Aspen’s puppies are known for their striking white/cream coats and loving temperaments. Perfect for families looking for a loyal and gentle companion. There are 2 females available.
You know Aspen and Hank, of course. In case you need a reminder:

– Aspen is Junior Champion of Russia, health tested, A/0 (best possible) hips and elbows
She has the SWEETEST face, gentle temperament, and enjoys the rain. She’s medium build.
– Hank has many champions in his line, is fully health tested, has “Good” and “Normal” hips and elbows (no signs of dysplasia) and is the most quintessential Labrador – silly, handsome, and caring

Fox Red Labrador Puppies from Elsa (75 lbs + estimated weight)
Elsa’s litter is here, and they are fiery red beauties! Fox Red Labs are rare and stunning, with a playful spirit and an affectionate nature. These pups are sure to turn heads and steal hearts wherever they go. Males and Females Available.

– Elsa is health tested and hips and elbows have no signs of dysplasia. She’s an absolute lover, extremely calm but up for a hike or swim when the opportunity arises. She’s a large build for a female and has a weakness for Cheetos.
– Gatsby is an outside stud, large build, health tested and hips and elbows pending “Normal” or better.

English Labrador Puppies Available
Colorado English Labradors
Fox Red English Labradors

🌟 Why Choose Us?

  • Healthy, Happy Pups: Our puppies are raised with love, ensuring they’re healthy and well-socialized.
  • Experienced Breeders: With years of experience, we provide top-notch care and training for our Labs.
  • Family-Friendly: Our Labs are known for their gentle and friendly nature, making them perfect for families.

🏔️ Colorado, Here We Come!

We’re excited to be heading back to Colorado on June 1st. If you’re in Colorado and have been thinking about adding a new Kindred Pup lab to your family, this is the perfect opportunity!

📅 Save the Date!

  • When?: The weekend of June 1st
  • Where?: Colorado – exact locations to be announced soon!

Ready to Adopt?

Don’t wait! Our puppies are in high demand and won’t be available for long. If you’re interested in our Polar White/Cream puppies, Fox Red pups, or the started Black Lab female, get in touch with us ASAP.

Fill out the application below if you’re interested in one of these lovely puppies.

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See you in Colorado!

Until next time

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