Perfect Black Lab Puppy
Available puppies and how to train them
Happy Black Labrador Puppy

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Our post today is to tell you all about a few of our Available Puppies and how to train them!

English Lab Puppy
Happy Black Lab puppy enjoying her “school” at Kindred Pup

We are having SO MUCH FUN with these little puppies this summer. I’m sure our new home in Tennessee and how new everything feels, but our outdoor time with these litters has been just precious. These Black Labrador Puppies enjoyed romping in the grass, have been introduced to the crate for crate time, practiced “recall” and, on the whole, are enjoying the great outdoors.

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Our family feels very strongly about teaching Labradors to have “soft mouths”.

Black Lab Puppy at play
Kindred Pup – English Lab Puppy learning about “soft mouth”

Knowing and trusting that the treat you are offering will be taken from your hand gently and not with the jaws of a Great White Shark makes all the difference. We’ve always tried to start our pups on “soft mouth” training while we play, but I’m not sure I’ve ever documented it before. Above, Miss Yellow, one of Jazzy’s AMAZING English Lab Puppies, is getting a little experience. Years ago, before I had my first English Lab, my husband impressed me by teaching a friend’s dog to have a “soft mouth”. I didn’t know it was even possible! It’s why I married him. Just kidding. Maybe.

Perfect Black Labrador Blocky Head Puppy
What a face!

One of the things we have put a lot of time and effort into is our Go-Home Packets for our Kindred Pup families. We include “tips and tricks” for the first nights with a new puppy and Tummy Instructions for a smooth belly transition. One of the “tips and tricks” pages is a “How to Crate Train” page and we have been thrilled to hear back from so many of you that it works!

We introduce the pups to the crate so that it doesn’t feel like a new, scary thing in their new homes and we have seen it work wonders in how they transition.

While labrador puppies are learning new behaviors, we don’t want to overwhelm them by throwing a dozen different “calls to action” at them. What we do, though, is praise them, give treats and make desired behaviors a *very good thing for them. A pup who uses the potty in the grass is loved up, paraded around, given extra treats and belly rubs and walks like Royalty for the next few minutes. We do the same for “soft mouths” and sitting nicely, as you can see one of our Available Puppies doing below.

“Good Girl!” Black English Lab Pup sitting pretty

Puppies needs are basic and foundational: food, water, shelter and love. And LOVE is equally important. Kindred Pups get lots of love – thank you to all of our families who have gone the extra mile for their puppies!

Lab Puppies Getting Some Love

We will be sharing more about our pups and our time outdoors in the coming days. If you’d like to follow along, be sure to subscribe below!

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My last little goodie for you is this AWESOME PUPPY TRAINING VIDEO I found! It’s not mine – full disclosure – but I enjoyed it and thought I’d pass it along for all of our Kindred Pup families!

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