Black Labrador Puppies

Your new best friend is waiting – Black English Labrador puppies from Kindred Pup – and let me tell you: they are WONDERFUL. We have had such a glorious time with these little loves and we just know that their families have a paw shaped hole waiting for them. (There are a couple of yellow pups available, too!)

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These beautiful pups are ready to begin heading to their homes THIS WEEK! That means you could be spending your 4th of July with an amazing Kindred Pup of your very own.

These aren’t just any pups: they are loved and cared for by our family every day, they have excellent pedigrees and temperaments, they have fantastic dam and sire, and they are simply the best looking labrador puppies around.

Below you’ll see one of our little labs getting in some good ol’ sniffing practice. We just love these little buddies!

Little sniffer

Picture perfect labrador puppies – ready to head home to you.

If you think one of these babies could be yours, fill out this form and I’ll be back to you in two barks! 😉 Otherwise, you can subscribe to the blog below to follow along with more amazing lab puppy cuteness.

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