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Welcome to Kindred Pup, where we pride ourselves on breeding happy, healthy, and loving English labrador puppies for your family to cherish for years to come. If you’re in the market for a new furry friend, your BFF, your ride or die, the one who’s got your 6, we’re confident that Kindred Pup is the best choice for you.

There are a lot of sketchy, unethical, and unknowledgeable things going on in the breeding world these days. What’s a family to do? How can they tell the unknowledgeable backyard breeder or the Puppy Mill from the expert and caring breeding programs?

What sets us apart from other breeders out there? Here are just a few reasons why we believe Kindred Pup is the top choice for puppy seekers:

Kindred Pup – we LOVE our puppies

Champion and World-Class Labradors

One of the reasons to choose Kindred Pup as your breeder is because we have scoured the globe to find THE BEST Labradors, waiting years for some of our dams to come from the right programs. We have relationships with Labrador retriever kennels and registry judges from all over the world, and our network of breeders and knowledge is wide. We have titled dogs, and dogs from titled lines, but to qualify as a Kindred Pup you need more than that.

Aspen - a nearly white Labrador retriever
Aspen, one of our Russian champion dams

Fantastic temperaments

We need beauty and health, of course, but we also need dogs that fit in well to any lifestyle. That means loyal, affectionate, intelligent and confident. Energy levels, looks, size – these things may vary – but what is always a constant with Kindred Pup dams is their unmatched demeanors. If a dam doesn’t fit in well with our family, she is not part of our program. We prioritize temperaments and are proud of the pups we’ve produced and the way they’ve fit into their forever homes. Is your home the next to feel the joy of a well-bred English Lab Puppy?

Why Kindred Pup?
Our dogs are beautiful, healthy and happy

Our puppies are given the best care

Our expertise and dedication begins well before birth. From pairing the right dam and sire, to knowledge about pedigrees, these pups are well-planned. But, once they’re here, they are well-loved. We care for all of our puppies as pets, and it shows. We’ve worked diligently to educate ourselves in all-things-labrador and puppy nursery is our favorite thing on Earth. We are thankful to have availed ourselves of the knowledge of our reproductive vet and the team at CSU veterinary hospital, as well as a number of other veterinarians through the years. Course after course, book after book, from pedigrees and inbreeding coefficients to color and disease genetics, we have done everything we can to ensure that your puppy is bred with diligence and care.

Don’t leave this all important choice to a “hobby breeder”. Labradors have been bred too often and too carelessly to take chances: ensure your breeder knows the history of every dam and sire, and knows how to pair them to give your new puppy that best chance at a long and healthy life.

Well-loved, from day 1
White Labrador Puppy Yawn
Well-loved Pups

And our level of education shows…

We are thankful to say that we have produced a beautiful program which includes service animals, explosive detection, company logos, an actor in training and office companions in homes ranging from retired couples to farm hands. We aim to raise confident puppies that can handle whatever their future life may throw at them. We are thankful for the love and support from our Kindred Pup Family, and so proud of these beautiful pups. We give the best of our knowledge and dedication and hard-work to our pups and our families, and we believe it shows.

Kindred Pups are eager to please
Kindred Pup labs are intelligent

We make it easy

We have sent home enough puppies to know that it’s much like bringing home a newborn: all of the excitement and adrenaline and emotions through the roof! Our families do their shopping, prep their homes and their hearts, and then…. Woof! A puppy is home.

Now what?

We know. We aim to send you home with the most straight-forward and thorough instructions we’ve seen from any breeder, anywhere. We are available for your questions, opinions, picture sharing, brag texts and everything in between. Communication is a priority for us, and giving you all the needed info is a specialty of ours. Bringing home a puppy is exciting! We’ve also made the transition easy.

Comfortable Puppy
One of our Kindred Pups and wonderful families – settling in as perfect as can be

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