Mr Yellow

I truly think that English lab puppies have THE SWEETEST Labrador faces ever. Each and every puppy has the most perfect “Puppy Dog Eyes” expression and begs for your heart. They are loyal, protective, friendly companions that are physically suited for sport or work. What more could you want?

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Piper and Fransisco’s puppies have exceeded our expectations in looks, maturity and temperament. We are THRILLED with their future families and so excited that these pups will live such a wonderful life.

Here are Piper’s Handsome Chocolate Males

Light Blue and Green are Reserved. Mr Yellow is available. Write me at: for more info!

Mr Yellow
Mr Light Blue
Mr Green

Here are Piper’s Wonderful Black Males

All reserved

Mr Black Collar
Mr Silver
Mr Tan

Piper’s Amazing Females

All reserved

Miss Orange
Royal Miss Pink

Aren’t English lab puppies the cutest?!? We are so thrilled with the temperament and conformation of this litter and we know their families will be thrilled. Thank you all, again, for the trust you’ve put in us in this most important decision.


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