Beautiful Labrador Puppy
Yellow English Lab Puppy
Jules’ beautiful male puppy

Can you believe Jules’ Beautiful Puppies are 5 weeks old already?! Where does time go? We have so enjoyed these little beauties and it’s been so fun to have a darker litter in the house. The pups are coming out of their shells and are so much fun!

Yellow English Labrador Puppies
Sweet Boys, all tuckered out from play time
Loving Labs

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There are boys from this litter available, ready to go home December 7th. Write me soon for more info!

These beautiful Yellow English Labrador Puppies are the product of Jules and Hank, our amazing labs. Jules is funny, active, smart and playful. Hank is playful, intelligent and protective. We are so grateful that they will pass on these fabulous labrador traits to their pups!

On a side note – I don’t think we have ever had a litter of puppies that looked more identical to each other than this one. I swear these little pups look like twins… or whatever the name is when there are this many… especially these boys! They are like little clones of eachother! (Good luck picking out your puppy, Kindred Pup families!)

5 week old Labrador retriever pups

Life with 5 week old labs

These pups are amazing, of course, but 5 weeks is when the Breeder and the Program can really shine. Pups are being played with and interacted with daily, spending time away from mama and toys will be introduced. We are testing their startle reflexes, exposing them to new surroundings and challenges, and teaching them about grooming/nail clipping. They are held, played with, and cuddled… and we couldn’t love it more.

Sweet, alert Labrador pups

Potty Training – a good head start

There are as many different methods for potty training young puppies as there are scary news headlines these days. They all have down sides, none are perfect, but here’s the ultimate truth: a head start on potty training will save you boatloads of time later on. Our job is to remain attentive and flexible as certain systems work better with some litters than others. One constant remains:

Always keep a very, very clean puppy pen.

This not only immensely important for their health, but it makes all the difference with potty training. A puppy that learns to sleep and eat in its filth is much harder to potty train than one who is used to a dirty nest. I’ll be doing a follow-up winter potty training post soon, but as for now, know that your pups are being given a GREAT head start!

Beautiful Labrador Puppy

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For more info on this litter, write me with the following info:

  • Where you live
  • How you found us
  • Are there other pets in the home?
  • Children?
  • Have you owned labradors before? Other dogs?
  • What are your color/gender/timing preferences?

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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