Yellow Labrador Puppy
Mr Green – beautiful 9 week old Labrador Puppy

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For some of our Kindred Pup families, this marks the “9 week old Puppy” stage. For others, that’s in the future, and for others, that was a looooong time ago. (Do you remember?)

Low on sleep. High on Love. Growing in patience. Adjusting to life with this new family member. Unaware how your heart was full before this puppy. It’s a week of intense transition and with it – intense love.

Puppy Dog Eye Training

We are enjoying week 9 with Mr Green from Nala and Hank’s litter. He’s been SO fun! He’s been hanging out with our “keeper”, Maverick, from Belle and Louie’s litter, and it’s been a RIOT watching them play together. I put together a (very amateur) little video for you. He’s such a sweet puppy – affectionate and loyal to the max. Nothing much ruffles this guy and he is such a calm puppy. (Grading on the Puppy Spectrum, of course.)

Love those English Profiles!
Sweet video of Mr Green – 9 week old English Lab Puppy

This amazing pup, at the time of this post, is still available and ready to go home now. Write me soon for info!

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