English Labrador Studs
Our English Labrador Sires
The Kings of Kindred Pup

Our English Labrador Sires are from world-renowned breeders overseas, with champion pedigrees, proven health and temperament, beauty across multiple generations, and the lovable nature exemplary of a Labrador retriever. We are so very proud of these boys. They are just part of what we feel makes us the best labrador breeders.


Beautiful Chocolate Labrador retriever

“Cisco” AKA “Fransisco” is an exemplary chocolate Labrador. He boasts an English Labrador build, friendly and outgoing disposition, an “eager-to-please” attitude, and looks for days. We are so thrilled to have him as one of Kindred’s Kings. He has made an excellent sire!

“Hank” – AKA Shato de Fleurs Fletcher

Our gorgeous Yellow English Labrador Stud

“Hank” is such a wonderful dog and we are so thrilled to have him in our program. This Kindred King has a *perfect* mix of the English and American styles, with a beautiful blend of the two in stature and looks, the calmer nature of the English Labrador, a loyal and protective relationship to our family, and beauty to match. When I think of all of the best parts of English and American labradors, Hank encompasses them all.

Hank has labrador pups available and ready to go home now! You can click the buttons below to see his current pups, and trust us, you want to.

Yellow and Black English Lab Puppies
Best buds

We will occasionally have “guest” studs from other programs as we seek to diversify our lines and add the correct pedigrees for a specific litter. Please check our Upcoming Litter page for specific breeding pairs as litters are announced and whelped. Puppies may be available!

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