English Labrador retriever Puppy

Nala and Hank’s Gorgeous Yellow English Labrador Puppies are 6 1/2 weeks old now, and we are just thrilled with them

Gorgeous Yellow English Labrador Puppies
Yellow English Labrador Puppies

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Nala and Hank’s GorgeousYellow English Labrador Puppies are 6 1/2 weeks old now, and we are just thrilled with them

These beautiful lab puppies in Tennessee are just loving their lives. We have had so much fun with them and they have even done very well with their initial training sessions! Labrador retriever puppies are highly trainable with patience and consistency and we just can’t get enough of their cuteness. Labrador retriever puppies in TN need extra water during these hot summer days, and boy oh boy do they love it!

Here you’ll see one of our Labrador retriever Puppies playing in our Tennessee yard, and in the very early stages of learning to “roll over”. We couldn’t help but giggle away as he tried so hard to please us.

Very early stages of learning to “roll over”
We are thankful to all of our families who follow our program and love on our puppies. It’s been so fun getting pictures from you all and staying in touch some. There are a lot of Labrador retriever Breeders, but I truly don’t think anyone has a better following than we do here at Kindred Pup. Thank you all.

Our waitlist has begun making their selections from this litter and I believe we will have a few Labrador retriever puppies available. Scroll through the yellow cuteness below, and contact me if you believe one of these pups is your new Best Friend.

Miss Yellow (Reserved)

Pure Bred Yellow Labrador retriever Puppy
Miss Yellow Sitting Pretty

This sweet yellow Labrador retriever puppy has already been chosen and will be heading to her home in Colorado soon! Isn’t it exciting?

Mr Gray (Available)

labrador puppies for sale Tennessee

This sweet boy is silky soft, sweet and cuddly as can be, and his paws are simply huge. He’s healthy, beautiful, athletic, affectionate and available. Want info? See the form below!

Mr Blue – Available

labrador puppies for sale tennessee

This sweet Labrador retriever Puppy is the cutest little bug. Cuddly, playful, ready for any game or belly rub, this pure bred yellow lab is available! I expect he will be smaller than his brothers, estimated by us to reach 70 ish pounds full grown. Contact me for info!

Mr Black – Reserved

English labrador puppy tennessee

This amazing little guy is reserved by one of our Waitlist Families from Colorado. They’ve been waiting for their perfect Kindred Pup for a while, and I believe they found a perfect puppy for them!

Mr Green – Available

English labrador puppy available

This guy is going to be quite the stud. Darker yellow than his siblings, large and athletic, I believe this pup will be the quintessential Labrador retriever. Calm, social, up for a romp – this puppy is just waiting for his best friend. We expect him and Mr Gray to be the largest of the litter, topping out at an estimated 78-85 pounds.

Have you fainted from cuteness from these Gorgeous Yellow English Labrador Puppies? These pups will be ready to head to their forever homes in just a week and a half or so, so be sure to contact me soon if you are interested!

Looking for a beautiful Labrador Retriever Puppy, but hoping for a black? We have those available, too. Click here for more info.

These Gorgeous Yellow English Labrador Puppies come from stellar overseas pedigrees and have amazing parents. Hank and Nala’s temperaments are top-notch, it’s a priority for us at Kindred Pup to have well-tempered Labradors with good attitudes. They are both eager-to-please, affectionate, and take well to training. We believe their pups will follow in stride. We offer a one year genetic health guarantee and all pups come up to date on vaccinations and deworming. Our pups are with us, in our lives, well loved and cared for. There isn’t a better labrador breeder in Tennessee, or I’d be willing to bet, just about anywhere. 🙂 Fill out the form above for info, or subscribe to our blog below. (Want to read up on Why it’s important to have an AKC registered, pure bred dog? Click here to read more.)

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