English Labrador Dogs

We hope you are all celebrating a Happy 4th of July!

Black Labrador Puppy
Mr Orange
Yellow and Black Labrador Puppies
Happy Puppies

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I also want to give a quick “Hello” to all our new subscribers. Thank you for subscribing and following along with Kindred Pup!

Beautiful English Labrador Puppies
Sweet Piper Puppies

We do have pups available and ready to go home now, so contact me if you believe one of these wonderful babies is your new best friend. You can email me by clicking here

And now I leave you with one of my all-time fav photos. Here is a pic of two of our sweet Kindred Pups, from two separate litters that went to the same awesome family and are now brothers. Big Brother Yellow is teaching still-puppy Chocolate all the ropes and wishing you the best of holidays. Until next time,

Older Kindred Pup puppies

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