A Well Loved Dog

Labrador Best Friend

I’m not sure who benefits more from the companionship of the other – Molly, our Labrador, or our 5 sons – but I know they are both thrilled with the arrangement.

Molly is an English Labrador, and one of the main defining differences between English and American Labradors is that the English tend to have a calmer, sweeter temperament.

That is certainly true of our girl. At 2 years old, she is still at the height of her energy and excitement. She’s definitely willing to run until one (or all) of the boys drop, but once everyone is tuckered out, she cozies in next to us and just enjoys the company.

She’s often sweetly sleeping at our eldest son’s feet, and on the off-chance she wakes before him you’ll find her wagging her tail gently and looking with anticipation for any signs of consciousness.

If the eldest is off practicing piano, she’s often under his feet listening to sweet melodies. If she’s bored of his playing, she’ll find one of the younger kids to romp with, and maybe sneak a treat off of.

Rain or shine, cold or hot, if they’re up to play – so is she. If they’re up to cuddle – so is she.

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