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It’s pretty widely known that labradors love water. i mean, they are america’s favorite hunting dogs for a reason.

but the thoroughness of that love surprises me.

My children asked if they could enjoy the sprinkler this past weekend. It was in the 70’s in October and the older ones know that COLD is coming. They leapt into their swim suits and jumped on a wet trampoline, spraying each other with the hose and laughing loud and long.

Molly took about 2 seconds to jump into the action.

This sweet lab, who is three weeks from her due date and already showing a little extra around her mid-section, was in it like the Red Sox during this World Series. (Did you watch any of that?! I’m a whole-life Dodgers fan, but I was so impressed with the Red Sox that even I was shouting, “Go Boston!”)

Anyway, Molly jumped and chased the streams of water, happily bouncing and sliding through the mud.

And if you’ve been following our other posts, don’t be confused; yes we did in fact have a snow storm, followed by Fall colors, followed by days in the 70’s in the sprinkler. This just about sums up weather in Colorado.

Labradors are so perfectly suited for active little kiddos – willing to play in any temperature and smiling all the while. It’s been so wonderful for them to have her around, another pal getting wet and dirty. Or hot and sweaty. Or cold and jumping in the snow. Whatever the weather holds, my boys, and our sweet labrador, are outside LOVING IT.

That’s life with a lab.

**Molly’s exact due date is November 19th; do you think she will go right on time?***

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