Our sweet Adrian comes to us from the same wonderful Russian kennel as Belle – although they are not sisters. She is the most petite of our dams but still within the AKC breed standards for Labrador retrievers. Her ladylike demeanor is unique and we just love her for it.

Our sweet, ladylike Adrian – a beautiful Chocolate Labrador retriever

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Adrian is a focused and mild mannered chocolate labrador with excellent lineage. She is calm, affectionate and loyal and has made every veterinarian and intern who sees her say, “wow! She is so much calmer than most Chocolate Labs!”

So very focused

Don’t get me wrong; she loves to play! She is ladylike, and loving – gentle and sweet – more timid but protective. She loves to swim, fetch, and cuddle. Her eyes stay focused during play and outings, and she falls to a puddle of love when in your arms and on your lap.

Her sweet face and calm disposition wins friends wherever she goes

We did an Xray on Adrian this week, and we saw a decent sized, healthy litter! Because she was bred with Tom, genetically they could produce both black and chocolate pups. We expect this litter to be born next week sometime, with a “head home” date of mid to late July.

Lovely Adrian – showing off that Labrador build
Chocolate Labrador retriever
What a happy girl

Isn’t it exciting?!? That means, if you don’t get a chance to get one of sweet Piper’s pups, there are more chocolate and black labradors on their way!

Until next time.

Oh. And I’m sorry. I know I keep saying that Deposit spots will open soon – I am trying to give our families some time to think through their options and upcoming litters before I pressure anyone! They’ll be available soon – and we still expect Labrador puppies to be available end of summer, into the fall!

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Adrian watching to see if you subscribe 😉

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