Sweet Chocolate Labrador and her Dog Whisperer

I will be officially introducing Miss Adrian here in another week or two, but she is our (hopefully) pregnant chocolate mama, and this is her happy place.

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My whole family loves dogs and puppies to the point of obsession, but my husband is affectionately known around here as the “dog whisperer”. He is King of the Labrador’s Happy Place.

It’s hard to explain what it is about this man, and these dogs, but they all have such a sweet relationship with him. They seem to unwind with him. They get cared for by me (brushing, teeth check, nail trim, vaccinations, etc.); they get played with by all the kiddos; they get trained by my oldest boys, 14 and 12; but they get their therapy with hubby. They seem to unwind with him. They all fall very naturally into this very pose, and it warms our hearts. Labrador’s Happy Place – where they can *totally relax.

Adrian with our oldest son, learning to “stay”, like a good Labrador

I hope to have a pregnancy announcement for all of you very soon! She’s showing enough signs that I’m fairly confident she’s pregnant. 😉

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We are putting together a list soon of our favorite puppy and dog “must haves” for beds, toys, treats, training videos, etc. Let us know what else you’d like to see!

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