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English Labrador Puppies Soon! Yellow, Black and Chocolate!

We are THRILLED to announce that Nala’s pregnancy has been confirmed and a beautiful litter of yellow/cream English lab puppies will be here soon! That means that in the next month we will hear their little newborn squeaks and know what colors they will be! Soon we will have little puppies romping around with our kiddos and enjoying a beautiful Colorado Spring!

We LOVE this girl, and are certain that her pups with Bronxx will be so beautiful and so well-tempered that they will woo even the strictest anti-dog person. (Do those people exist?! If they do, these pups will change their mind, I’m certain.)

Nala did marvelous with her Ultrasound with our vet, has kept her appetite and activity up, and has become even more affectionate during pregnancy. We can already tell she will be a great mom!

Nala is medium build, light cream in color, shorter in snout, and has the friendliest face you’ve ever seen. She is calm, playful, affectionate and gets along with everyone. Her and Aspen have become the best of friends.

Bronxx is a beautiful English Lab Male, owned by Heatherdowns Labradors in Colorado. He is the father of two of Molly’s previous litters, and is a BEAUTIFUL Labrador. His large build will probably increase the size of the pups from this litter to be bigger than Nala, a trait we are excited to add to Nala’s temperament and looks, and they were such a handsome couple together.

You can see Miss Nala is already a little rounder around the midsection – that’s those puppies growing!

We are also gearing up for Piper’s litter with Tom. This litter has the possibility of producing both black and chocolate pups, so we are all excitement over here waiting to see what beauties are born! These English Labs are the perfect compliment to each other, and their temperaments and looks will make FABULOUS puppies. Below you see Tom on the left and Miss Piper on the right. Power Lab Couple, or what?

We are so thankful for the interest you have shown in our program and the trust our families have place in us. We know that the process of choosing a puppy is a daunting one, and we know that lots of you have been waiting several months by now. Some of you have even found us and chosen us from outside of Colorado! Please know that we are grateful for the confidence you’ve placed in us and are certain that the wait for your wonderful Kindred Pup will be worth the wait. A Labrador Puppy will be in your arms before you know it!

To anyone who is hoping our waitlist will open soon: We are hoping to be able to open a few spots soon. Subscribe below to be sure not to miss any announcements – we always open our Reservation List to our Subscribers first!

Wondering about our other lovely Labrador mamas? We hope to have more pregnancy confirmations and breeding announcements to you soon!

Want to read more about how we raise our pups? Scroll through our past blog posts here.

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  1. Looking to adopt female, would prefer chocolate.

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