Belle – our chocolate Labrador retriever- intent and happy, waiting to retrieve

You guys… I know it’s a Snow Day and I first and foremost hope all of you are warm and safe somewhere in this storm. But if you are, I hope you enjoy this post. Because Snow Days ARE Labrador days, and our Labs LOVE IT. We can’t hardly keep them inside! I’ve attached a few photos and hopefully will embed a few videos for you, too.

Beautiful Nala – our yellow Labrador

Nala is just the sweetest Labrador. Always at your side and eager to please – she is calm, affectionate, and has been moving slightly slower this past week. (Maybe, just maybe a sign of her successful honeymoon with Bronxx???? Let’s hope!)

Nala – she is such a beautiful dog

Nala and Aspen – waiting for the throw

Happy Labradors – waiting to Retrieve
Aspen and Belle

Belle is in Heaven – waiting for that throw

This chocolate girl is the Champion – she plays fetch like it was oxygen to her soul

Occasionally, just occasionally, Belle loses the “fetch” and another dog gets it. It’s rare – because Belle’s pups are old enough now that Belle is happily playing outside without them and, what can I say, she’s a pro. But every once in a while another dog will best her. Today it was Aspen, who got the better of the toss more than a few times.

Aspen – Junior Russian Champion Labrador – our beautiful cream
This Yellow Labrador is simply stunning, and sweet and fun as can be

Aspen is loving the snow, too, as all labs do. She is affectionate, sweet and pretty silly. Her activity level is moderate, somewhere between Nala and Belle, and we just adore her.

On the Move – A Labrador doing what they do: Retrieving

Piper was out with them also, but snuck inside for some water during the picture taking. You’ll see here romping around in the video below!

I wanted to share a video of how much fun these girls had today which inspired something new: a YouTube Channel for all the fun we have here at Kindred Pup. I hope you’ll check in out! This is a little compilation video of the few shorter videos I took today. Forgive the lack of background music; I’m not that pro yet.

And…. here… making her debut appearance… is our sweet Lucy. She is a Kindred Pup hopeful Mama – a Red Pure Bred Labrador retriever. She is by far the best puppy we’ve ever owned. Her color and temperament are top-notch! We hope to have all her health clearances in by the end of 2021, and will make a decision as to whether she is a good candidate for breeding in about a year. Isn’t she sweet?!?! (My father-in-law is secretly hoping she isn’t. He tries to kidnap her every time he’s over. Ha!)

Lucy – our Red Pure Bred Labrador retriever

I hope you’re all enjoying your Snow Day! And for those of you not in Colorado, here’s some of the happenings over here! Here’s to trusting these pics and videos made you smile.

Until next time,


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