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Our sweet Molly looks as if nature has begun to take its course! Molly’s heat has begun, and now it’s just a countdown until the sweet chirps and squeaks of little pups! We will be bringing her down for her “date” with Karen at Heatherdowns Labradors in about two weeks! We could NOT be happier.

We are excited to see if she will prefer Manny or Bronxx this time; any guesses? Here is a Molly/Bronxx pup:

Molly and Bronxx puppy – female

Here’s a Molly/Manny pup:

Molly/Manny puppy

We are so impressed by Molly’s pup’s beauty, intelligence and affectionate personality. We cannot wait to see another beautiful litter, whichever of the boys she chooses.

Also, very, very soon I hope to be able to share a Special Announcement with you all. Stay tuned by subscribing to our blog, “liking” on Facebook, or following on Instagram.

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