Important: Last Minute opportunity for free transport to Colorado!

free transport to Colorado

Hello, KP Family! A dear friend and fellow breeder is heading back to Colorado with a few pups of their own and for some family business and there’s room in their trip for a lab or two! We have three BEAUTIFUL females who are the exact temperament our Kindred Pup families are looking for, and for whatever reason, they just haven’t found their homes.

I’ll describe them a bit below their photos, but I also wanted to include a new video from yesterday’s play time. This was quickly put together, isn’t at all “professional”, it’s just a real honest look at our playtime here at Kindred Pup and gives you an idea of what these sweet girls look like and act like! They are 15 weeks old now and as sweet as can be.

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TRANSPORT LEAVES FRIDAY AFTER WORK, SO BE SURE TO LET ME KNOW IF YOU’D LIKE A PUP TO JOIN! It saves on the transport cost back to CO, and you know it will bring all kinds of joy to your weekend and summer.

(Of course, as always, transport back to Colorado or anywhere else is doable with no trouble. The benefit of booking it now is that free transport to Colorado.)

The video above will show you a lot about our pups and their personalities.

The girls available are Miss Teal, Miss Pink, and Miss No Collar. These sweeties are so much alike in disposition, but I’ll try to highlight the differences here for you:

  • Miss Pink is the most playful of the bunch. She’s also the most stubborn, but is easily redirected and loves to please you. She will benefit from strong boundaries and a home with lots of playtime and/or another dog. She is moderate on the energy scale (for a lab puppy!) and LOVES to retrieve. She naturally has a pretty soft mouth and shows great potential for fetch, hunting and various sport.
  • Miss Teal and Miss No Collar are nearly identical in temperament. Both girls are mild to moderate in energy level, affectionate and calm. Miss No Collar takes the edge for easy going by a hair, and Miss Teal takes the lead for gentle and social.
  • All three girls have a killer “smile” and hard-to-say-no-to puppy dog eyes. I believe all three will make smooth transitions into their forever homes.
  • They are 15.5 weeks old now and weigh in at 24-25 pounds.

Miss No Collar

Black Labrador Puppy

Miss Pink

Colorado Labrador Puppies

Miss Teal

Labrador Puppies Virginia

Want More Information? Fill out the form below! (Time is of the essence for free transport!)

Of course, we also have Nala’s puppies heading home in July – so reach out if you were hoping for a yellow lab sometime soon!

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