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Here’s a new blog post with some tips and updated pics of our Beautiful Black labs, what to do with extra “bitey” puppies, and a little announcement about our Upcoming Litters.

But first, there’s a pic of two Kindred Pup brothers (above). It’s an older pic, but I love it and it fit the mood of the weekend.

I got a little chuckle out of that meme (above) so I thought I’d share. 🙂

Lucy and Fransisco’s English Labrador Puppies are 12 weeks old and while most have gone home, we still have a couple of these beautiful females left. These puppies are WONDERFUL and ready to head to their forever homes now.

We are in the process of updating our Puppy Assessments and videos but I wanted to get you all some updated photos of these beauties. If you are interested in one of these gorgeous puppies keeping you company this summer, don’t delay! You can fill out the form below the photos.

Beautiful Black Labs, What to do with extra "bitey" puppies, and upcoming litters

These girls are estimated to reach approximately 65-75 pounds full grown. They are all in the moderate range for activity levels and do very well with our youngest children and the other dogs at our home. We have no concerns about these pups transitioning into their forever homes.

Black Labrador Puppy
Labrador Puppy

Good luck saying “no” to those eyes, right? These girls are charm experts and we are just thrilled to see how they are growing and maturing and responding to life around here.

“Bitey” puppies, and what to do:

At around 4 months of age (like these pups are), pups have entered the height of their teething stage, which means our little pups are using “soft mouths” and learning replacement for items that we don’t want them chewing on.

Below is my very favorite article written on the subject. I promise with consistency and a little patience, you’ll be through this very normal, healthy stage before you know it.

All puppies teeth

Upcoming Litter Info

Nala and Hank welcomed a wonderful litter of healthy yellow puppies. 4 males and 4 females, ranging from cream to blonde are doing WONDERFULLY. Short updates have been posted to our Instagram feed, but stay tuned for more info! These pups will go home mid-July and there IS availability in this litter. Also, we expect to breed Aspen in the next week or so. Stay tuned!
Interested? Fill out the form (above) or email me at:

Here are a few of Nala and Hank’s past pups:

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