Pure Bred Labrador Puppies
Why buy a Pure-Bred puppy?
Pure Bred Yellow Labrador retriever

You’re researching breeds, so… why buy a Pure-Bred puppy?

A puppy is an investment – in cost, in time, and above all, in emotion. With all that in mind, you will want to ensure that the puppy you bring home has the best chance at a long, healthy, happy life.

Pure Bred dogs have the advantage of extensive and rigorous health and genetic testing, as well as charted generations of dogs in their lines. Life and mother nature cannot always be wielded, but pure-bred, and SMARTLY BRED puppies are a great way to give you the best companion puppy. 

Why buy a Pure-Bred puppy?
Pure Bred Labrador Puppies

There are several potential benefits to buying a purebred dog, including:

  • Predictable traits and temperament: Purebred dogs are bred to have consistent traits and temperament. This means that when you buy a purebred dog, you can generally expect certain characteristics in terms of behavior, energy level, and size. For example, if you’re looking for a dog that’s good with children, you might opt for a breed that’s known for being gentle and patient with kids.
  • Adding to the point above, there is far more variation in mixed breed dogs from unknown pedigrees. A dog that may look *mostly like a Labrador retriever, for instance, may have another more aggressive breed mixed in. This leaves you without the knowledge that your dog may have a short-temper, more “herding” instincts causing more nips and chewing than a pure bred labrador puppy, be mixed with a pup with more nerves causing unexpected anxiety, just to name a few.
  • Breed-specific health information: Many purebred dogs have well-documented health issues that are specific to their breed. This can be helpful for owners, as it allows them to be proactive about managing potential health issues in their dog. For example, if you know that a particular breed is prone to hip dysplasia, you can take steps to prevent or manage this condition in your dog. Labrador retrievers are a large breed dog, and as such, dysplasia is always a risk. Maintaining a healthy weight is the largest factor: most American Labradors you see at the park are grossly over weight. After weight control, healthy and monitored exercise, especially in the puppy’s growing years when the joints are developing, providing a good joint supplement are all helpful factors as well. A responsible and knowledgable breeder also provides a safeguard: by breeding from known pedigrees with applicable testing, a breeding helps ensure that genes are in your favor as your puppy grows.
  • Show quality: If you’re interested in showing your dog, purebred dogs are often preferred over mixed breeds. This is because purebred dogs are bred to meet specific breed standards, which are set by organizations like the American Kennel Club. These standards dictate everything from a dog’s size and weight to its coat color and texture.
  • Pedigree: When you buy a purebred dog, you can often trace its lineage back several generations. This can be interesting for people who are interested in the history of particular breeds, and it can also be helpful for breeders who are looking to improve the health and temperament of their dogs.
  • Breed-specific clubs and communities: Many purebred dog breeds have their own clubs and communities, which can be a great resource for owners. These groups often provide information on breed-specific health issues, training tips, and events where you can meet other dog owners and their pets.
  • The AKC and foreign registries show scrupulous attention to detail. These registries are dedicated to maintaining the health of their particular breeds, and they take it much more seriously than the average buyer! In addition to Pedigree requirements, there are DNA verification processes, paperwork qualifications and other necessary steps to be a Reputable Breeder with AKC registered dogs and puppies. You can feel safe that the health, lineage, DNA and any pertinent titles have been checked and re-checked!

Want more? Check out this link to an AKC article on pure bred dogs: https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/lifestyle/10-reasons-im-going-to-buy-a-purebred-dog/

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