Seriously…. just wow. Molly has some gorgeous puppies.

One of Molly’s beautiful pups

The breeze just feels different in Colorado these past few days, doesn’t it? Of course those first bites of winter don’t hinder our Molly at all. She LOVES it cold. She sits in the backyard, almost smiling at the sky, defiantly welcoming what her formerly-anti-winter Mama dreads each year – months of brrrrrr.

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I dread it less each year. To be sure.

But still. Cold is best felt in an evening on the beach, with cool salt water still running through your very soul. THAT is a “good” cold.

Anyway, these yearly arguments happen around Kindred Pup every year, despite my having lived in Colorado for 18 years now. I don’t suppose I’ll ever consider my self not a beach bum.

I am thrilled that Molly loves the cold, though. It suits her. She romps in the snow and chomps at the falling flakes and can.not.wait. to get outside in the morning. Psycho.

Anyway, as a “screen shot” into Molly’s imagination and day dreams this week, here are some throwback shots of our sweet girl, LOVING the frozen water and chilly air.

Happy Winter Dog

I think it’s genetic. Because our other dog, the matriarch “Ginger” is the biggest wimp in the snow. Three flakes falling make Ginger hold her bladder to the point of danger before risking the chilly outdoors. She whimpers and whines and huffs and puffs and cannot WAIT to get back inside to sit by the fire. I guess she’s like me. But not Molly. Molly happily finds the coldest tile in the house to plop on when the temperature hits the point I like it.

Here is Molly’s mom, posing beautifully in the snow.

Molly’s Mama – champion yellow Labrador

So, are you a snow lover? Or a “hunker down and suffer through the winter until Spring” person? Comment below!

Want to see how much our Kindred Pups love the snow? And how wonderfully they handle “new” dogs? Check out this video from our Kindred Pup families from a previous litter:

I got distracted by all the coldness wafting through my house as the kids run in and out with Molly for one of the last remaining baseball scrimmages, but I mainly wanted to tell you how excited we are to be seeing “signs” of Molly’s coming heat! She gets feisty, cuddly, hungry, and that whole butt-wag that I love so much of hers turns almost injurious! 75 pounds of excited labrador back-end can really get ya! It is absolutely my favorite thing about Molly – in her excitement, her entire back half wags back and forth like she’s dancing. I’ll have to get a video of that soon.

Hopefully I’ll have updates for you soon! Until next time…

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