Just for a reminder of these beauties, let’s look again at Molly and Bronxx’s previous litter.

Labrador Cuddle
Sweet Girl Lab Pups
Love these pups!
That face! Swoon!

Everyone all warm and fuzzy?? Me too. Now we can begin.

Hi everyone! I am SO sorry for my absence as of late. We caught some sort of awful bug (maybe the flu??) right before Christmas and feel like we are just peeking our heads out of our nests over here! I am so thankful that we got that over with before sweet little furry pups arrive!

Molly’s expected due date is on/around January 18th. We can’t wait!

More information will follow next week as Molly has an appointment with the vet on Tuesday.

Pre-birth deposits are already full as of now, until we see how many pups we have! Let me know if you’d like to be on a waitlist or are interested in a pup of either gender; we may open a spot for the right person/family if they are open to either gender.

Thank you everyone for keeping in touch! Can’t wait to see their little faces!

Contact me with any questions! kindred.pup@yahoo.com

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  1. We are a long time Labrador family, we are currently looking to add to our family. Our background is field trial and family hunting. Looking to see if you have any openings for a wait list and approx. cost of your pups. Paula Johnson, Arvada West Auto & Truck.

    1. Hi Paula! Please email me at: kindred.pup@yahoo.com for more info! I look forward to hearing from you!

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