Oh, you guys. The pups are a week old now, can you believe it? I can’t. And what a week it has been!

6 days old

Just like Molly, their fur is SO SOFT already, and they all have a beautiful creamy color.

All 5 pups are gaining weight, getting stronger and able to move themselves all about their whelping pen.

The children and I have been reading (I should say re-reading) one of our favorite set of books and, because of that, decided to name the pups accordingly. Here, for your swoons and to make your heart beat a little quicker, are our sweet babes:

“Peter” – Orange collar snuggles up
“Lucy” – Red Collar Female
“Edmund” – Blue Collar Male
“Mr. Tumnus” – Black Collar Male
“Aslan” – Green Collar Male

These sweet pups are growing so fast and Molly is doing fabulous! I’ll keep you updated on their progress over the coming days.

Bonus: What book(s) are we reading right now? 😉

Want a hint of what’s in store for you? Here’s a sweet video to hold you over…

Until you get your own!

Also, as a tip, these are officially my favorite dog chews ever. They last the longest and I think have the best overall value!


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