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Six weeks and these pups are busy! They are loving all their new toys and really enjoying their daily one-on-one time.

It’s been tough to take as many pictures as I want to since they’re pretty quick now and before I know it they are out of frame! So, forgive the informal nature of these shots. I thought our Kindred Pup Family would want to see what their sweet puppy-babies have been up to.

Curious Miss Pink

Here Miss Pink had discovered that the puppy gate (as seen to the left of her) could be pushed to the side with her nose, removing the barrier between her and the puppy food bag. She would have been content to stay in this bag as long as we would have let her, I’m sure! We all got such a kick out of it that we let her have an extra snack. I think she earned it, don’t you?

***Did you know that lots of puppies need help and encouragement before feeling comfortable with things close to/around their heads? It can be a source of great fear for them at first. Puppy Culture, and other programs like it, encourage breeders to begin introducing this type of experience slowly (so long as the puppy is not afraid) beginning at about 7 weeks. I think Miss Pink passed her test early!***

Pellet Tray

As much as I DO NOT want to put a picture of puppy droppings on my (hopefully) cute website, I thought I would show this to you as proof that the puppies are getting the hang of this whole “pellet training” thing. Even when the tray is almost empty and in the process of being refilled, two different puppies found their way over to use it. Don’t get me wrong; they still also use our carpet now and again. That’s life with a puppy. But they are using the tray more and more successfully each day!


We couldn’t bear to part with these cuddly little pups if it weren’t for how wonderful all of our Kindred Pup families have proven to be. We feel truly thankful.

I think we will still stock up on Kleenex for our Send Homes, though.


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