Piper’s Black Males

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Our days are filled with Puppies and the beginnings of Summer, and we couldn’t be happier

We are so enjoying our English Labrador Puppies and have been having so much fun learning about Tennessee with them. The heat has been manageable thus far, and the humidity isn’t as bad as I thought it would be and I can’t wait to get our dogs in the water more this summer! The dogs are happy, the pups are growing and we’ve been busy busy busy loving up these puppies!

Piper’s Yellow Males

We have a number of English Labrador Puppies available from these 3 litters – black and yellow, male and female. We have more blacks than yellows and more males than females. Write me soon if you are interested in one of our gorgeous labrador puppies!

Jasmine’s Girls

We’ve been careful to introduce our pups slowly to the outdoors, and only in safe areas and only under constant supervision. There are enough critters here to need to keep these little babies safe!

I’m thankful for all of you who have reached out from the Tennessee/Georgia areas – it’s been such a pleasure to meet you! I’m also so happy that Colorado families are still choosing to trust us with this all important decision. A New Puppy is a family member, and you want a puppy raised carefully by a breeder who gives LOTS of love and attention.

Our (estimated) go home dates, after being cleared by the vet:

  • Piper’s litter, 6/28/22
  • Jasmine’s litter, 7/6/22
  • Nala’s litter, 7/18/22
Nala’s Males

If you are interested in one of these beautiful babies, please request info below. Let me know what litter/color/gender you are interested in and where you are located. Also let me know what (if any) experience you have with labrador puppies and if there are pets in the house. I can’t wait to talk to you!

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