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I’m SURE you all saw my post yesterday, right?! About Adrian’s Perfect Labrador Puppies, the Girls? Well, here are even MORE perfect Labrador Puppies – the Boys.

All of our pups have been spoken for and are heading home to great families beginning next week. We expect to have yellow/cream colored pups being born over the summer, heading home September October, so if you’re interested email me at:

Mr Gray/Silver

This boy is the biggest of the bunch this round. He’s gentle, sweet, and the perfect build.
Loving that profile!

Light Green

Smaller than Mr Gray by a hair, this gorgeous boy is so athletic, and then falls to a puddle of cuddles when you pick him up

Piercing Labrador Eyes
I LOVE his color

Mr Light Blue/Teal

Sweet and Smart Labrador Puppy

We call this guy our Bear Cub. He’s so compact and so stalky that he truly looks like a little brown bear walking around! He tumbles when he runs too fast, like all puppies do, but because he’s compact, he has actually taken a few full somersaults. It is ADORABLE.

English Labrador Puppy Profile

He is SO intelligent, and his expressions often show it

Mr Dark Blue

English Labrador Puppy – 7 weeks
Chocolate Labrador Pup

This guy is so striking – his color, facial expressions, and speed make you notice him right off the bat. He’s quick, smart, and cuddly to boot!

Puppy Love

I know our families always have a hard time choosing which puppy is their soon-to-be best friend. I am always impressed that the right puppy seems to find their way to the right home – and they all have their specific strengths. Because of the way we do things in our program, all of the pups end up really well socialized, active and cuddly, so there really isn’t a wrong choice! We’ve SO enjoyed Adrian’s Labrador Puppies – the whole litter – and are so thankful to have such a wonderful Kindred Pup Family!

More yellows and creams will be here soon! Until next time.

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