Beautiful English Labrador Puppy – 2 weeks old

Can you believe Aspen’s pups are already 2 weeks old?! They are stunning examples of English Labrador Puppies and we are SO excited to introduce you to her Gorgeous babes. Here, for a Saturday swoon, are Aspen’s boys:

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Mr Orange

You can see the blockiness of all these pups’ heads here – wide, large faces, sort snouts, and intense eyes. We are so impressed by these pups already!

Mr Green

You can see with all these puppies how blocky their heads are already!

Mr Blue

Check back tomorrow for Aspen’s Beautiful Girls! (That post is LIVE now! Click here!)

Interested in one of our English Labrador Puppies? I believe we will have availability around the end of the year! Reach out soon if you’d like to get on our list. Oh, and for extra labrador puppy cuteness, Subscribe Below.

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