I hope you all saw my post yesterday introducing the beautiful boys. Today I am introducing you to Aspen’s beautiful girls – the cutest little English Labrador Puppies you’ve ever seen! Without further ado, here are Aspen’s girls…

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Miss Pink

This sweet and chunky girl is so fun to hold. She feels like a little ball of a bear cub – compact and stalky and so so soft. I LOVE the shape of her face and the proportions of her body. Can’t wait to see her grow! (Currently my husband’s favorite, FTR)

Miss Purple

Miss Purple already seems to have a very “knowing” look about her. I love the color and softness of her fur, and the blockiness of her head. (Currently my son’s favorite, FTR)

Miss Red

This little thing is sweet lab perfection. Our family is particularly fond of females, if you can’t tell, and this little cupcake is my favorite as of now. She’s medium sized, square and blocky head, a gorgeous cream color… I just love her.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the girls! They will all be changing so fast in the coming weeks. Be sure to Subscribe below if you want to see more English Labrador Cuteness from Kindred Pup! And reach out to me at: info@kindredpup.com if you want more information about bringing home one of our amazing pups.

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