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Yes, you read that right: We have a Colorado Trip coming up – are you hoping for a Kindred Pup puppy? If so, now is the time! I’ll be in Colorado this weekend or early next week delivering a pup, which means one of these sweet girls (above) could be yours in the next week – AND with NO transportation costs! Wow!

English Labrador Puppies Available

Our Waitlist families have made their choices and we have two Polar White/Light Yellow English Labrador Puppies available now.

Colorado English Labrador Puppies
Colorado English Labrador Puppies

These girls are simply lovely – nice blocky builds, calm but playful temperaments and the softest, most velvety coats. I am certain that these are exactly the type of Exemplary Labs that families are looking for when researching English Lab Puppies.

We are still so very thankful for our loyal following in Colorado, and have been happy to be sending pups back with each litter. This weekend, I’ll be heading back to Colorado personally to bring a pup with me and visit family.

If you have been wanting an English Lab Puppy from Kindred Pup and live in Colorado – now is your chance to do it without any additional transportation cost.

Here is some info about each available girl:

Miss Purple

This sweet and social girl is as precious as can be. Her light yellow, silky soft coat begs to be pet, and at the end of each play session she is ready for a cuddle in your lap. I’m certain that this lovable and smart English Lab Female Puppy will be the light and joy of her new home.

Available English Labrador Puppy

Miss Teal

Colorado trip coming up

Miss Teal is precious, too. She’s very smart, has a true “labrador” sniffer and takes to scents easily, responds to training quickly and is affectionate to boot. You don’t often find a girl with a good “drive” and intelligence that’s also very cuddly – but this girl is it!

Here’s a little video of these precious girls

Interested in one of these sweet girls?

Send me an Email by clicking HERE


 Drop me a request in the form below and I’ll be back to you ASAP. With our Colorado Trip Coming Up, I’m hoping to find families for them in the next day or two so they can join me on my little trip back to CO. Let me know in your message where you are located! 

We also expect to have a couple of English Lab puppies available in January from Aspen’s sister, Fiona, Grand Champion of Russia. They are GORGEOUS too, and I’m certain both of these girls’ pups will transition well into any family. 

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Please take a minute to look into Nuvet. It’s the best dog supplement out there, and our dogs AND YOUR PUPPIES get it while they’re here. For about .50/day, you can ensure the nutritional gaps are being filled for a healthy coat, eyes, and joints. Truly, check it out.

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