English yellow lab puppies

Hello Kindred Pup family! Fiona’s puppies are ready to be chosen and my, oh my, are they ever cute? While I’m having a million problems with my videos this round, the photos show the color of their coats, and I’ll do my best to give accurate word descriptions of their temperaments.

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Unless otherwise stated, we expect females from this litter to reach 65-70 pounds and males to reach 75-80 pounds. This is a perfect weight for English Labradors.

Without further ado, here are Fiona and Hank’s English Labrador Puppies!

Here are our sweet males, above, listed individually below. These sweet boys are simply lovely, varying from cream to light yellow coats, with excellent dispositions. I will list the males individually first, followed by the females below.

Mr Orange

Mr Orange (and Mr Light Green) are more independent than the other puppies, but still very affectionate and enjoys being with people.

  • He is medium in color compared to his littermates which is still a very light yellow.
  • I expect he will respond well to training and have a medium “stubborn” streak on the lab spectrum. (Labradors are already medium on the stubborn streak… lol!)
  • He has a medium width/blockiness to him, will be “English” in style, and a very short profile and thick tail.
  • I have no concerns about his going to any type of home.

Mr Dark Green

Mr Dark Green is a social little guy. He loves to be with people and loves to make you happy. I expect that will make this sweet boy respond very well to training. He is the smallest of the males, but I expect will still max out in the 70’s.

  • He is light-medium in color compared to his littermates, a creamy yellow with lighter ears and face than I usually see from Creamy Colored labs
  • He is “low” on the stubborn spectrum and I imagine his “eager to please” nature will make him respond well to training
  • He is more cautious than his littermates, but once he succeeds at a new thing, he’s very competent with it
  • He is a blocky little guy and will look very English
  • I have no concerns about him going to any type of home

Mr Light Blue

This sweet boy is Mr Boss. He is very smart, not crazy about the stillness of puppy pictures, has an excellent nose, and is adventurous. I imagine he will be an excellent camping/hiking/hunting/boating companion.

  • He is very light in color
  • Low on the stubbornness scale and very high on the intelligence scale
  • Interested in all things and confident about his surroundings
  • For a confident/interested puppy, he is very calm, “medium” on the activity spectrum
  • Medium on the blockiness, still keeping an English look, but I imagine he will take until about 1.5 to 2 years old to fully “thicken” up
  • On the larger side of the litter
  • I have no concerns about his going to any type of home, although I think a family who loves activity and the outdoors will really appreciate his “up for anything” demeanor

Mr Dark Blue

This boy is all things lab. He’s silly, funny, lazy, snuggly, and LOVES LOVES LOVES to play. His creamy coat and darker ears are just precious and his stocky and strong body make him the quintessential English Labrador puppy.

  • He has a creamy coat with darker tips on his ears and nose, on the darker side
  • Low on the stubbornness, medium on the activity, medium on the intelligence scales
  • Endlessly entertaining
  • Blocky and stocky, very English build
  • Larger size
  • I have no concerns about his transition to any type of home

Mr Silver

This studly boy is a beauty. A light-medium yellow, with honey looking accents, and the sweetest little puppy dog face. He’s active, strong, and a confident little guy.

  • Medium yellow in color with creamy sides and back
  • Medium stubbornness, medium-high trainability
  • Larger side
  • Medium cautiousness, low fear
  • Sweet and affectionate, social
  • Medium on the activity scale

Mr Light Green (Reserved)

Mr Light Green is such a crackup. He’s mature and calm and always has a “knowing” look on his face. I LOVE how he crosses his paws and his thick profile is simply gorgeous.

  • Light-Medium coat color
  • Calm disposition, affectionate and loyal
  • Medium on the intelligence scale
  • Larger build
  • High on the focus scale (for lab puppies)

And now for the females…. Fiona’s puppies….

Fiona's puppies
Left to Right – Red, Pink, Purple Females

Miss Pink (Reserved)

The most petite of the females, this sweet girl is all sugar. Happy, sweet, cautious and smart, this sweet girl is bound to tie your heartstrings.

  • The smallest female, I imagine she will reach into the low 60s for weight
  • Creamy light yellow coat
  • Sweet, loving little face
  • High on the affectionate scale, which usually helps pups to respond well to training
  • I believe she will fit right in in any home

Miss Purple (Reserved)

Mis Purple is all beauty and poise. This sweet girl has lovely cream and honey coloring, sweet “puppy dog eyes” and is so affectionate.

  • This lovely girl is gorgeous and her eyes melt the heart
  • Large size and thick build (compared to other females, males will always be thicker)
  • Medium on the “English” profile
  • Affectionate and loyal
  • Medium on the intelligence scale, medium-high on the confidence scale
  • Calmer than most English lab Pups

Miss Red

Miss Red is “Mama” to all the pups. She seems to find a way to set the tone, emotionally, for the litter and will put herself right in the center of a little, friendly “scuffle” – plopping down and playing peacemaker. She’s a crackup to watch, and the kiddos have affectionately named her Nana, after the nursery dog in Peter Pan.

  • Medium in size
  • High in calm and maturity
  • Medium yellow coloring
  • Easy to train and responds well to “incentives”
  • High in awareness
  • Medium-high in intelligence
  • I have no concerns about her transition to any home, although she does especially love children, she does well with people of all ages.

Isn’t it exciting?! We are SO happy with this litter from our Grand Champion, Fiona, and our Hank. Our Reservation List will be making their selections in the coming days but there will be pups left available. If you are interested in bringing on of these precious English Labrador Puppies home at the beginning of the New Year, let me know! I’ll be bringing pups back to Colorado, too. Fill out the inquiry form below for more info!

Enjoy Fiona’s puppies, and want to see more of our dogs? Click here!

Ready for a random dose of why lab pups are THE BEST?! Here’s a funny compilation for you. 🙂

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