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Can you believe it’s already time? Fiona’s pups are ready to go home and a few of them are still looking for their forever homes.

Fiona's pups are ready to go home

These gorgeous English Lab pups are simply stunning. They are all small and cuddly right now, the exact things those lovable Labrador Calendars are made of, and we are certain that they will make smooth transitions to their forever homes.

I am making preparations for delivery to Asheville and Nashville (ha!) and Colorado over the next week! Write me soon to get added into the mix with no delivery cost! Wherever you are located, delivery is no problem. Our sweet English Lab puppies are ready to make your heart swell.

English Yellow Labrador Puppies
Available English lab puppies

I already introduced this litter but I’ll link to the post here so that you can see all the cuteness and read the personality assessments. (Click Here)

Let me know what questions you have by filling out the form below!

You can also write me at: info@kindredpup.com

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