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It’s Nursery time again at Kindred Pup and, as always, we are just swooning over these Yellow English Labrador Puppies. Aspen and Hank’s pups do not disappoint. Their squishy little faces, silky soft coats, newborn squeaks and twitches are just as precious as always. There are 4 females and 2 males and we expect to have a couple of pups from this litter available after our waitlist makes their decisions. Yay! “Go-home” date is early December – EEK!

Yellow English Lab puppies
Aspen and Hank’s Males

Yellow English Labrador Puppies
Aspen and Hank’s Females

English Labrador Puppy

If you are interested in one of these beautiful pups, fill out the form below and I’ll be back to you as quickly as possible.

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