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Hello everyone! Here is Kindred Pup’s Winter 2022 Update and a Special Opportunity for you!

We are enjoying the beginnings of Autumn here, watching the leaves change and anticipating our first Tennessee Winter. Eek!

Watching the fog clear on this lovely Tennessee Morning

We are proud to present to you 2, YES 2!, different opportunities for your own Kindred Pup English Lab.

The first is our sweet 5 month old yellow male. He is a “Doggy Door” expert, doing very well with basic commands at Kindred Pup puppy school, and is overall a very happy and healthy puppy.

As we are planning a trip back to Colorado in the next 1-2 weeks, we are offering to bring this sweet boy back with us at no additional charge! (WHAT?!?!) Contact us quick if you believe this is your Forever Friend.

One of Hank’s puppies – his disposition is perfectly balanced between playful and affectionate

We also have a number of Kindred Pup pairings that will be sending puppies home December-January. If you would like info on those Upcoming Pairings, those are listed in our flyer below!

If you believe one of these amazing English Labrador Puppies is for you, fill out the form below and I’ll be back to you in a jiffy.

Until next time

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