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While lots of homes enjoy bringing home a brand-new labrador puppy, some families enjoy the benefits of bringing home an older, “started” lab puppy. We’ve had a few of these pups go home this summer and we are happy to report that they have transitioned well and already feel like a part of the family that was “always there”.

Here is from a recent photo shoot with three of our black English Labrador Females. One has since gone home, but two puppies are available!

An English Labrador is a forever friend – always loyal, social as can be, loving fully and don’t think you have a single fault. The average labrador lives 10 or more years, to boot, so that makes for a very long friendship.

These beautiful “started” Labrador pups are ready to go home any time, up to date on vaccinations and deworming, have been cleared by the vet, have begun basic command training and are comfortable using a Doggy Door. Don’t delay! Your new best friend is right here!

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