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A Puppy is more than a pet, it’s a best friend. You’ll see signs around town saying things like, “I hope I’m the person my dog thinks I am”. While I’ve personally not put up a sign like that in my home, it does speak to something that anyone who has ever owned a dog knows: they are eternally loyal and best friends through thick and thin.

Mr Blue
I read an article recently talking about how you shouldn’t avoid getting a new puppy after losing a beloved pet. I cried all the way through. Losing a beloved dog is almost losing a family member, and I so agreed with the sentiment and heart written in those words and it has stuck with me these past days.

I can’t find the original article now, but I will keep looking. As of now, in the shadow of Christmas sentiment, we are all hugging all of our puppies and doggies close and enjoying each other.

We may have available puppies. Check this page or email me for details.

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