Chocolate English Lab Puppy
Perfect Chocolate English Pup

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Belle and Louie’s puppies have exceeded our expectations in every way. Belle can be seen here and I’ll post a pic of Louie below. He’s a stud from another program that we used for this litter in hopes of keeping back a puppy, which we have chosen to do. His name is Maverick, and he’s a Kindred Kings hopeful.

Louie – Father of Belle’s current litter
Maverick – our Beautiful White boy, a hopeful Kindred King

The pups photos and personality assessments have begun to be offered to our Reservation Families. There may be pups available from this litter and there are pups available from Nala’s litter. Email me soon for more info!

We will update the blog again once we know if any of these sweet pups are available, but we know that we will have available pups from Adrian’s future litter, ready to go home in February, and from Nala’s litter, ready to go home in just 1 1/2 weeks! Email me for info!

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