Chocolate Lab Puppy
Chocolate English lab Pup

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Can you believe it’s already GO HOME WEEK for Adrian’s puppies?! These English lab beauties are 7 weeks old and will be cleared to head home THIS WEEK. (Gasp!) How fast the time goes…

These little loves have enjoyed their enrichment activities and we’ve LOVED having them. Our 3 year old is teaching them about being gentle and the kids and I all have a great time with “Manding” training. We are so very thrilled to have these little Labrador Puppies in our home, and can’t wait for them to go home! I’ll be updating the website over the next day or two, but wanted to share a few pics of the pups here.

**There ARE available puppies from this litter, which could be our very last to go home from Colorado before we move to Tennessee! Contact us soon for details.**

Gray Collared Male
Light Green Collared Male

Just had to share a pic of these pup’s beautiful parents, Adrian and Fransisco.

Beautiful AKC English Labs

Dark Green Female
Sweet Miss Gray

I’ll be sharing the rest of these beauties over the next few days. Be sure to check back and subscribe below!

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