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We have literally searched the world for the very best Labrador lines for our program. We believe that temperament and emotional health is just as important as looks and physical health and we are so very proud of Our Leading Lady Labradors!

Each of our beautiful Dams comes from highly respected breeding programs from overseas, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Siberia, to name a few. We are proud to have found a diverse pool of genetics to keep our COI (inbreeding ratios) low while not sacrificing the quality of our pedigrees. Inbreeding ratios are important when looking at any pure-bred, and it’s part of why American labs have seen increasing health problems in recent years. Importing new dams from carefully selected pedigrees is the best way to keep the population growing and thriving.

Molly, now retired, who started it all

“Fiona” – Farvist Gold Muffin with Raisins Grand Champion of Russia

Fiona was long-awaited for our program. We had watched her from the time she was a pup, after much research into her original breeder. We discussed her care, helped with her training from here, and celebrated along as she won dog show after dog show. We are so proud of this girl and she has become part of our family. Don’t let that Regal look fool you; Fiona is as sweet and playful as they come. Fiona loves to lay on her back and is happy sleeping at our feet.

A/0 hips and elbows (best possible)
Clear of genetic diseases from Paw Print Genetics

Fiona’s strongest traits:

  • Medium sized in height, stalky build like the “English style”
  • Darker yellow with creamy sides
  • Submissive
  • Eager to please
  • Silly
  • Affectionate
  • Loves to play

“Aspen” – Farvist Gold Movement is Life Junior Champion of Russia

As we were watching Fiona, we fell in love with Aspen, her sister. These girls were just meant for us, and we knew it right away. Aspen is a beautiful Labrador retriever, sporting a Junior Russian Champion title and with the demeanor we long for in a lab. We are so thankful to have her in our program and in our lives! Aspen is queen of the “nose nudge” – gently sticking her nose under your hand to receive some pats.

A/0 hips and elbows (best possible)
Clear of genetic diseases from Paw Print Genetics

Aspen’s strongest traits:

  • Medium build and very light coloring
  • Friendly and social
  • Sweet and affectionate
  • Always up for new adventures
  • Eager to learn and experience new things

“Nala” – Alba Del marina Shambhala

Nala has pups available now. Click here to see more.

Yellow English Labrador Retriever
Kindred Pup Labradors are eager to please

Our Nala has the sweetest face you’ve ever seen. To meet her is to love her and she is very quickly your best friend. She is medium build with beautiful light and creamy yellow coloring against slightly darker ears and striking black tissues at the eyes, nose and mouth. One of our favorite things about Nala is how she “dances” when she’s happy, which is nearly always. She will lift her front paws up, alternating them back and forth in a sort of “prance”, all while sitting nicely, waiting for whatever goodness may come her way.

A/0 hips and elbows (best possible)
Clear of genetic diseases from Paw Print Genetics

Nala’s strongest traits:

  • Easy-going
  • Always up for a new adventure
  • Silky soft coat
  • Happy

“Jules” – Alba Del Marina Yasmin

Jules came to us from the same fantastic breeder/kennel as Nala, and we are so thrilled to have her! She is medium to large build, but leaner in the body and face and darker yellow than some of our other girls. That tail is “otter” perfect and the dark accenting tissues on her face are striking! Jules is always smiling and always ready for a good time.

A/0 hips and elbows
Cleared for genetic diseases by parentage

Jules’ strongest traits:

  • Happy
  • Strong
  • Active with a strong retrieving instinct
  • Eager to please
  • Thick coat, great for hunting and outdoor activities

“Belle” – Amber Kingdom Letti (Retired)

Miss Belle is a truly stunning dog, and everything you want in a large built Labrador retriever. She’s thick, strong, has a blocky head, thick tail and stunning coat. She’s also so very funny – she loves the water and loves the snow and isn’t afraid of the cold or any challenge you may throw at her. This girl is brave and so thoroughly in our hearts.

“Piper” – Antalas Pepsi

Miss Piper is a true joy and an all-around, perfect-for-anybody Labrador retriever. That last picture there always reminds me of what happened when I took it: my toddler daughter had just fallen down and began to cry, right as I snapped the shot. As quick as reflexes can be, Piper was watching and slowly inching toward my daughter to make sure she was ok. As soon as she saw her get up and “recover”, Piper was back watching me again. She’s attentive, mature, and such a care giver.

Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal

Piper’s strongest traits:

  • Large sized
  • Shiny Black coat
  • Mature
  • Calm and happy
  • Protective and mothering

“Jasmine” – Longoria Hit Sezona

Jasmine is such a joy, and we hope to welcome her first Labrador retriever Puppies in the next few months! She is healthy, happy, sweet as can be, and truly cheers the heart. If you need a friend to make you smile when you walk in the door, that’s our girl Jasmine.

Jasmine’s strongest traits:

  • Medium to Large Build
  • Happy Face
  • Moderately Active
  • Always ready to cheer you up
  • Social and loyal


Chocolate English Labrador Retriever

New to our Kindred Pup Labrador Program is Kona, who comes to us from the esteemed Diamante` Labradors in Florida. One of our only domestic breeding dogs, we are thrilled to have Kona as our newest chocolate addition.

Kona comes from a long line of very healthy labradors, from a well-respected breeder in Florida. Her additional testing for Kindred Pup is pending.

Kona’s strengths:

  • Medium to large build
  • Thick coat with a warm chocolate color
  • Sweet and beautifully gentle disposition
  • Eager to learn, killer “puppy dog eyes”


Fox Red English Labrador

There’s our Kindred Pup family! “People say you can’t buy happiness…. but I have labradors, which is pretty much the same thing.”

Scarlet has a beautiful, deep red coat, making her the foxiest of Fox Red Labrador Retrievers. We are excited to be starting our Fox Red Lab Puppies lines, hopefully sending pups home mid 2024.

Scarlet comes from excellent domestic lines, her health verified, and her additional Kindred Pup health testing is pending.


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