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Happy New Year from Kindred Pup! We are all bundling up during this cold-snap and making sure our puppies get all the love and attention they deserve. We are reminiscing on our pups from this year and sharing thanks for the amazing families that have come into our lives through this program. Thank you all for sharing your photos, your texts, your Christmas cards and everything in between. 2021 was not without its bumps but we are very thankful to say that Kindred Pup made it through with very, very few problems.

Just since it’s New Year, which is a time of new beginnings, we thought we’d share a few pics of Adrian’s new litter… all bundled up together… a “box of chocolates” for our thankful hearts.

Chocolate New Born pups
Gorgeous Chocolate English Labradors
Newborn English Labrador Puppies

In our years of experience we have never tired of our love for puppies. Yes, it’s sleepless nights, long itemized vet bills, messes, and lots of ups and downs, but we are so very thankful for what we do and that you’ve all chosen to trust us. Thank you again, to our Kindred Pup family.

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  1. Such beautiful pups. We really do love our Remi. Thank you for your hard work in breeding such a great pup for us. Can’t wait to get our second one 🙂

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